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In Icox we want to help you change the key processes in your business, using the Internet Technology, improve your business communications, (reducing company costs) and taking advantages of the latest technology generating benefits for all your clients.

Our e-business based strategic consultancy allows us to preform a deep analysis of your company in order to identifiy oportunities and suggest and develop an implementation plan, specifying the technological, design and company resources.

Our company expertise is supported by almost a dacade of experiene working on solutions and developments for companies like La Voz del Interior newspaper (Correo Group, Spain; Clarin Group), IVECO Argentina, Córdoba Chamber of Commerce, La Paulina S.A., Se-tur Argentina, wich guarantee our job quality.

Icox is widely experienced developing solutions and giving advise in all kind of industries, using the latest concepts in Supply Chain Management Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce and Data Warehousing, implementing proceses and technologies like XML integration, database inter relations, custom applications, etc.